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Benefits & Features

Drive leads quickly with a single user action, scan.


1. Create A QikAccount

Creating an account is Quick and Easy. Click on the link below to sign up for the 30 Day FREE trial to kick the tires a little bit. No credit card required. Signup for QikLead today.

2. QR Code Accuracy

There is nothing worse than having an active QR Code campaign and your QR Code points to the wrong location or doesn’t work. With, you can change the destination of your QR Code instantly. Test your Qr Codes on the screen live before you use them.

3. QR Code Consultations

Let us help with your QR Code campaign. We can offer basic advice or provide a total QikLead campaign strategy, where we manage everything from QR Code creation, QikPage™ creation, campaign groups, reporting, and on-going analysis. Contact our team to request a quote.


1. QikLead is All About Quick

The entire QikLead solution is about using QR Code technology to drive leads to your business or online destination quickly with the ease of one simple user action, to scan. No need to type, search or explain to customers how to get there, QikLead QR Codes do the work fast and direct.

2. Custom QR Codes!

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It all starts with a Quick Response Code or QR Code. You’ll create a clean sharp and accurate QR Code that takes your visitors to your own custom Qikpage™ or an existing page on the web. Contact one of our team members to ask about a branded or custom QR Codes. Signup today.

3. Real-time QR Code Scan Tracking

When you open an account, you will have access to our QR code tracking and analytics platform where you can measure: How many people scan your QR codes, where people scan your QR codes, when people scan your QR codes, types of devices used to scan your QR codes and so much more. The connections that QR codes facilitate are the future of one-action direct marketing.
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4. Export or Share Your Scan Data

Looking at the data on screen in real-time is incredible but being able to share that data is imperative. Export the scan data in CSV and PDF formats to share with your team or customers. You also have the ability to view or Share a live report page without you or your team even needing to login. It’s not as granular as the back-end but it’s a great hi-level quick view of month-to-date scans.
See a Sample of a Live Reports Page.

5. Your Own Analytics Dashboard

Every QikLead subscriber gets access to our power administrative back-end that allows you to create and manage your QR Code campaigns. You get access to many reports that allow you to monitor every aspect of our QR Code campaign – in REAL TIME. Live Analytics Details

6. Scans by Location

Not only see how many scans your QR Code is receiving but see where they are coming from. With our permission based Geo Location option, users have the ability to let you know their location when scanning your QR Codes. This give you the ability to know exactly where your QR Codes are getting the most and least traffic. Go from map to StreetView in a click.