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Create logo branded QR Codes, print them on stuff & view real-time QR Code scan results

How Does It Work and How Easy Is It?

Quick Response Codes or QR Codes let you drive visitors from almost any form of visual media to almost anyplace online and more. If you’re looking for immediate or quick customer engagement and want to track the real-time results of your marketing efforts, QikLead is where you create, manage and track QR Code scan results easily and quickly.

Pick a Plan

Signup for a plan that’s the number of QR Codes you’ll need and the number of people who will manage those QR Codes. Try it free for thirty days with no credit card required. One of the lowest expenses your business will ever have for any web service. Signup For QikLead Today
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Create QR Codes & Put Them on Stuff

Create QR Codes in less than thirty seconds. Create Color branded QR Codes with your logo or image embedded in less that sixty seconds. Download your QR Codes to give to your graphic designer, printer anyone who is handling your marketing and advertising.

Real-Time Scan Analytics

Live analytics data every thirty seconds. Simply login to your Analytics Dashboard and see how many scans are happening with your QR Codes. Our reports show how many scans, what devices people are scanning your QR Codes with and where they are. Export these reports for yourself, your boss, team, customers, your meetings and more.

QikPages: Get a Mobile Page Quickly

Our powerful QR Codes solution is great but if you don’t have a mobile page to send users to, you’re losing potential business. We build one landing page that scales to all screen sizes. One clean branded layout.
See QikPage™ demos.